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Eman Joharjy

My perpetual obsession with the simple way of life is the result of growing up in the desert. The notion of simplicity juxtaposed with sophistication and depth is engraved in our heritage. It’s fascinating!

Like the simple white cloth and its symbolic applications across multiple events; for pilgrims when performing Umra & Hajj on a journey to Mecca, or the white cloth wrapped around the newborn just after birth. And again it is the peaceful white cloth used in our culture to honor and respect the dead…

Or like the simple act of drinking water is made sophisticated in our culture when it is poured into a copper bowl covered in Quranic text, meant to dissolve confusion, to protect & elevate the energy of that who drinks from it.

In the quest to cultivate that notion, a hybrid silhouette was constructed to allow ease in motion, versatility, flexibility, simple elegance, and fit for any activity, for all genders and all body types. It is the Hybrid Sirwal Foutah. Eman Joharjy, famous for the Sports Abaya has launched yet again another must-have functional article of clothing, the Hybrid Sirwal Foutah is a cross between a drop shoulder shirt and the traditional

Brand Story
Eman Joharjy The Brand, & the designer have gained popularity due to the launching of the iconic & revolutionary Sports Abaya. Eman identified a gap in the market for an abaya that facilitates flexibility and motion, and her solution was the Sports Abaya launched in 2008.

Since then the brand has launched multiple versions for different activities such as the Extra Flex Running Abaya suitable for joggers, or the Cycling version with a higher arch suitable for hiking, horseback riding & cycling.

The Sports Abaya was revolutionary because it allowed women of the kingdom to participate in a variety of activities related to sports & exercise while in public.

“At first I was the joke of the town,”Eman says to describe the resistance she experienced in her early days. Except for a number of active and practical women who lead an active lifestyle, and are into exercising outdoors, the Sports Abaya was mostly miss-judged and ridiculed; those individuals didn’t appreciate how the shape or silhouette changed to accommodate movement But for the active women, the Sports Abaya was a dream come true. 

It made perfect sense for anyone seeking comfort & flexibility in
motion – it was & still is the ultimate hassle free Abaya, whether its for everyday activities or intense cardio workouts.

Who we are?
eman joharjy

Born in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia to a family of medical professionals and doctors, Eman was the youngest of her siblings. She joined King Abdulaziz University to study business management & finance, and began her professional journey with The Chamber of Commerce in Jeddah, managing the female department. Few years later Eman joined the finance department as a Senior Accountant at King Faisal Special Hospital & Research Center. Unfulfilled, in the year 2006 she decided to quiet her corporate career to follow her instincts to live a simple balanced life, focusing on her creativity. She found ways to channel her creativity through annual projects in the Arts and crafts category, creating souvenirs & giftables distributed for retail throughout the kingdom. She recalls the time when she ordered mugs with illustrations related to the holy cities of Saudi Arabia, 10,000 units to be exact. Luckily she found a way to sell every single unit.

Eman says, “I didn’t look for fashion, but fashion found me.’ when she explains how it all began. Her first design wasn’t for anyone else but herself – she needed an abaya that allowed her to move freely, and so the Sports Abaya was born, and the beginning of the Brand Eman Joharjy. If it wasn’t for a moment of courage When she decided to back down on her parents’ plans for her to become a dentist, post the completion of her training in Germany, the fashion scene may have never seen the active Sports Abaya launched in 2008.

Sport Abayas
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انا اشتريت عباية رياضية وكانت تجربتى الاولى.. قد ايه الخامة جميلة والتفصيلة فوق الروعة.. بجد انصح بالتجربة وتسلم ايد المصممة الجميلة ايمان جوهرجى
تصميم وخامة وتفصيل ولا اروع يسلمووو
There was a small mistake in the order. In return, I got the correct order and I could keep the wrong one for myself.
Everything is perfect. I would recommend!
I ordered on Friday evening and on Monday at 12:30 the package was with me. I have never encountered such a fast order processing.
Everything is perfect. I would recommend!


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